Si Je T’Oublie Rhodes… (Lest I Forget You Rhodes…) A memorial to the martyrs of Rhodes Island by Jacqueline and Myriam Benatar

rhodes1After ten years of research by Jacqueline and Myriam Benatar (descendents from Rhodes families) they have publish their findings about the Sephardic families who perished in Rhodes during World War II, either from the bombardment there or by being murdered in the Nazi death camps.

The 700 page book, in addition to notes on the Rhodes community, has 640 pages devoted, one per family, giving details of the family members and how they perished, or in those few cases how they survived.

The research included information from the original Italian government’s census data, from the Yad Hashem records, lists from Nazi camps and records from the Rhodes community. Very important also was the testimony from those who survived the camps, Turkish nationals who escaped to Turkey and from families who had left Rhodes before the war. As a plus, many photographs were collected whenever possible from various sources and are published on the family pages.


This memorial to the forefathers of so many families now across the Diaspora is something every descendant of the Sephardic families of Rhodes should have, to reassure, remind and never forget the terrible happenings there.

The book is now available for distribution worldwide and will be shipped on request out of Jerusalem where Jacqueline Benatar works for the Yad Hashem.

The text of the book is in French, but an English translation is available on request, and there are many comments in Ladino on the family pages.

For inquiries on how to receive the book in the United States e-mail For inquiries in other countries e-mail .

Sol Menashe

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